Über Holger Bunk

MOA Seoul
zu einer Ausstellung der Neuerwerbungen des Museums (English)

Holger Bunk

In the second half of the 1970s the Academy of Fine Arts Duesseldorf was a school of abstract and conceptual art tendencies. Being a student of painting at that time and within this surrounding Bunk decided to be a figurative painter nonetheless. Meanwhile there were groups of new expressionist figuratives in Germany, Bunk keeps an individual position which is influenced by (English and American Pop) and historical European art. Between irony and melancholy Bunk’s work seems to be a very personal comment on discreditation and abuse of figurative painting by German 20th century’s totalitarism. The concept of his images lies in an every day observation of reality that is obviously subjectively biased. Bunk’s own picture language brings together a painterly doubtlessness and irritating emotionality.

In his collages and series of paintings Bunk turns to articulate awareness of the influence of new media. Commencing from 2004/05 layers of different images simultaneously occur in his large formats (mostly oil or acrylic) and murals.

Since 1988 Bunk’s studio is based in Amsterdam, 1992 he becomes the by than youngest professor of Stuttgart’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design. His paintings are present in many international shows.